Sunday, 30 June 2013

Scones, Java and Cream!

Sundays with Chef Peter….

Good Day My Daahlings,

                                                Oh my dears, is it Sunday again already! Well here in Phuket the sun is shining and this gets the day off to a fabulous start for me, I hope the sun is shining for you too, where ever you are!

Last night I was invited to a lovely dinner here for the launch of a new catamaran boat named Java which I also had the pleasure of making for!

You see darlings, not a bad effort at all if I do say myself!  Thank you John for giving me this challenge and I wish you many happy hours sailing on Java. Looking forward to joining you one day!

For those of you sweeties who have not had the pleasure of spending a day boating around Phang Na bay darlings then there’s one for your bucket list as it is wonderful, enhanced of course as always with a nice glass of chilled champagne in hand!

I had a couple of comments last week about my duck cottage pie recipe with the picture of the live ducks on the heading. Sorry daahlings but as Mark Zuckeberg says, if you’re going to eat it then you should be prepared to kill it first. How often have I sat behind a truck if pigs off to their demise and seriously thought about this one!

Today as its Sunday I thought we would make some scones for tea dears, no live stock!

Now Monica our gorgeous boss says that her Mum makes the best scones (I have yet to try) and for me the best scones I have eaten were at Gidleigh Park as they were light and fluffy, very different from the traditional scone!

Scones of course are the main component for afternoon teas delicious served with butter or jam and clotted cream, of course whether you put the jam or cream on the scone first is really up to you!
Here is my recipe which is easy to make and perfect for your afternoon tea!

You will need:
475 g               Bread Flour
125 g               Icing Sugar
125 g               Butter
30 g                 Baking Powder
Pinch               Salt
225 ml             Milk

To make:

1)      Sieve the flower, icing sugar, baking powder and salt in to a bowl.

2)      Add butter and with the dough attachment or by hand mix till resembles bread crumbs

3)      Add the milk and mix just until a dough is formed (if it looks dry then add a little more milk) then turn the mixture out on to a floured surface and work with your hands till a you have a nice smooth dough
4)      Roll out the mixture till approx 1” (2.5cm) thick

5)      Using a cutter of your choice, cut the scones and place on a greased baking tray bottom side up

6)      Leave to rest for 15-20 minutes

7)      Brush with egg or milk

8)      Bake at 200̊ c for 10 minutes or until the bottom of the scones are a light brown colour. Don’t overcook them.
9)      Leave to cool

10)  Enjoy!
Happy Baking!
Till Next Week Daahlings......

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

This hole-in-the-wall cafe holds a surprising combination of home made French pastries and syphon brewed coffee. It's a charming stop and intriguing contrast to the surrounding noodle and Chinese desserts stalls and restaurants. Here's a photo memory of this cute little cafe in Georgetown.

Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
Rustic interior
Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
French Pastries
Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
French Pastries
Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
The Barista at Work
Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
The Science of Coffee Making
Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
Guatemala Syphoned Coffee

Ete Cafe, Georgetown, Penang
Cheese Logs

Ete Cafe
79 Lebuh Carnarvon
10100 Penang
+61 017 435 0922

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Chef Nizar, Five 27, Penang, Malaysia

Swedish chef, nordic cuisine, straits quay
Chef Nizar, Five27, Penang

The Yum List spends a short while with Chef Nizar and soon discovers a man passionate about food, health and perfection.

What do you do and how did you got into the industry? 

I am the Head chef and General Manager at FIVE27 in Penang.  I got into the industry when I was 20 and living in New Zealand.  I took a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant while I was studying and I loved the atmosphere in the kitchen, so I started helping out with whatever I could.  One day the commis chef didn’t turn up so the Head chef asked me to step in.  I must have done a good job because when the commis chef finally did turn up he was told that he was the new dishwasher! I haven’t left the kitchen since.

e with us an interesting story from behind the scenes. 

I had been in Sweden for 2 years and I was working in a restaurant there.  One night a Swedish man of 73 came to the restaurant and I prepared Gravad Lax (lightly cured Salmon) for him.  When he finished his meal he came to the kitchen and asked to see the chef of the “best Gravad Lax that I have ever eaten”. When he saw me he was very surprised as I was clearly not Swedish. “You must have been adopted,“ he said.  I didn’t even speak Swedish at the time but I was very flattered!

What's the best/ worst part of your job? 

I am a food geek, I love everything about food and spend all my time thinking about it, so the best part of my job is I get to cook and be around food and people think that I am cool when really I am just a food nerd.  The worst part of my job is when I have put all my effort into a dish and then I burn it or mess it up – it makes me really mad when that happens.

What's your favourite Malaysian food? 

I really like Nasi Ulam, it has such an interesting combination of tastes. It is fresh and flavourful and best of all there is no MSG in it,which I hate.  When you have good ingredients and good flavors you don’t need anything else.

What's your personal favorite meal/ drink at the Five27?

That’s a really hard question because I have created all the dishes at FIVE27 and put a lot of thought into each one.  But, at the moment I love the burger and the Salad Nicoise (which is on our lunch menu) both are really filling and healthy.  Best drink is our Mojito which is just so fresh and refreshing – perfect!

What's your favoured food and wine/ liquor pairing? 

For lunch Salad Nicoise with a nice crisp white Sauvignon Blanc and for dinner slow cooked lamb with a rich Chilean Merlot, like the Vina La Rosa Cornellana Barrel Reserve. On special occasions – Cristal of course – it goes with everything!

The perfect day off would be...  to wake up late and go to the beach for some surfing until early evening. Then I would end the day with burgers and ice cold beers while watching the sunset. 

A life in the day of a chef is... hectic, exciting, fun, tiring, exhilarating and more.  No day is ever the same and that is what keeps you hooked.  It’s not a job that you can do without passion.

What's something you'd like guests to know about the cuisine/ drinks prepared at Five27? 

At FIVE27 everything is prepared in house, we bake our own bread, make our own pickles, and cure our own salmon.  We see each dish through its journey from the delivery of the best ingredients to the preparation, cooking and finally to its presentation to the guest.  Our Kitchen and service team are very knowledgeable about everything on the menu and we are all proud of what we do.  Our restaurant is a Bistro that delivers high quality in a relaxed, informal setting and we truly appreciate our customers who recognize the passion that we have.

How do you select your ingredients and why?

My personal philosophy is based on the principles of the New Nordic cuisine, which is basically to use the highest quality ingredients provided by local suppliers who are passionate about their products. To re-introduce unusual ingredients then use “slow” cooking methods to bring out the very best of them. Each dish I have created has been inspired by the New Nordic ideals and adapted to use ingredients provided by a dedicated group of local suppliers.  The vegetables are organic where possible. Meats are of the highest quality & chemical free.  Good ingredients are the absolute key to good food and I like working with people who feel as passionately about this as I do. I told you I was a food geek!

What can guests look forward to in the upcoming months?

We are moving from strength to strength at FIVE27 and have achieved so much in the short time we have been open but there is still a lot that we hope to do.  We are getting known for our great food and ambience and now we are hoping to be a place that people can come to and just chill out, relax and enjoy a drink.  We will soon be opening FIVE27 ICE BAR which will serve Swedish Vodka, Ice cold beers and fun cocktails until late with great bar food and sharing platters. I regularly change our menus and am always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours which I introduce under the Chef’s recommendations menu.  So I think we all have a lot to look forward to at FIVE27.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Atman Cafe Menu

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali

Words by Kirsten Durward
Photos by The Yum List

If you like fresh, natural and original food and drinks, you are going to love the Atman Café in Ubud.  Perch yourself above the hustle bustle of Hanoman street, relaxing on plump cushions in a natural indigenous wood and bamboo setting. Owner Michelle Petit has a vision for her life in Bali that she wants to share with the world, and Atman Café is the first venture on her path. And you know what?  It’s great! As daft as it might sound I am first excited by the notice that prices include tax and service. I LOVE knowing exactly what things cost with no extra surprises at the end. I hope this might lead the way to more businesses being this direct.

I read in the menu that Atman means the innermost essence of each individual or the little voice or ‘knowing’ within your heart that guides you. I suggest you let your inner knowing guide your feet down Hanoman Street for breakfast, lunch, a coffee or even just a delicious gelato. 

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Interior Atman Cafe
Michelle tells us the story of her Organic Cold Brew Coffee served with salt, an increasingly popular house specialty. It’s a locally grown and roasted organic Arabica Coffee and she believes it’s the best you will find in Bali. Being high in antioxidants and low in caffeine and acidity, it is in any case; perfect for those who love their coffee hit but also want to care for their bodies. We elect to try it her favourite way, with coconut milk. I’m delighted to see the separated presentation - mix it to your own taste - palm sugar syrup, your choice of milk, and salt on the side. There is even a mini serving ceremony, as the cold coffee is poured over ice, salt is added to personal taste and mixed before adding the sugar syrup and coconut milk. It’s a subtle, taste, surprisingly good, unsurprisingly reminiscent of a salted caramel. Certainly very refreshing and boosting with a good blend of taste notes building in intensity towards the end of the glass, and with the added blessing of a crumbly home made ginger biscuit. Yum! (Organic Cold Brew Coffee, Single Shot IDR 23000, Double Shot IDR 34000. Add milk, coconut, raw, skimmed or regular IDR 7000)

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Salted Caramel Coffee
As we enjoy the coffee, a beautiful Balinese wake procession goes past. Colourful dresses abound and gongs bang. Michelle comments on the celebration of death here and delightful lack of sadness. She also tells us of larger celebratory processions on the street and how busy the café is on these days. It sounds absolutely marvellous and I wish I could be there.

Coffee is not the only drink on the extensive menu. I’m in love with the juice selection and find it hard to choose. Best of all, is the option to create your own juice from a range of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Smoothies are served in a recycled glass that sparkles in the sun, with a coconut wood spoon and a bamboo straw. Awesome!

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Fresh Juice Blends
We are happy with our foamy drinks, which pack a punch on flavour and body. Beetroot, carrot and apple is rich and pink for me and Banana with Yakut is foamy and thick for Monica. Healthy yums! (Fresh Juice IDR 35,000. Probiotic fresh juice upgrade + 7,000)

Atman appears a small and simple café, but the menu is extensive, catering for vegan, lactose free, and organic tastes as well as more mainstream pasta and salad options. The children’s menu is impressive and Michelle reflects on the tastes of her own two children. Her eyes sparkle as she explains her commitment to healthy tasty food.  

A colourful stack of red rice sushi is placed before us with flourishes of carved vegetables. It’s delicious! Red rice is slightly nutty in flavour, with more of a texture than is usual with sushi. Fresh sashimi grade Maguro Tuna, in juicy fat rolls create happy dipping in soy with ginger and wasabi. (Red Rice Sushi Tuna Roll IDR 69000 - also available in tofu or teriyaki chicken)

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Red Rice Sushi
Coconut Crusted Fish is four cubes of fresh fish in Japanese spoons, coated in coconut, sesame seeds and coriander. Crispy fried served with Atman tomato sambal and lime. Thick, white fleshed Mahi Mahi in crisped coconut, a slight kick in the salsa. My taste buds are set alight as I enjoy the contrasting textures and subtle blend of flavours. Simply delicious! (Coconut Crusted Fish IDR 35,000)

Atman Cafe, Ubud, bali, healthy, organic
Coconut Crusted Fish Fillets
Served warm, Jukut Urab is a traditional Balinese salad with long beans, coconut sprouts and chili with rice. Fresh and tangly, vibrant colours, slippery textures, crunch on crunch, it is simple and satisfying, and very filling. Though if you are extra hungry, rice comes on the side, Asian style. (Jukut Urab IDR 31,000)

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Jukut Urab - Balinese Salad
Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Red and White Rice
Dairy Free Cheese Cake is quite splendidly pink. Cashew butter, organic cacao, coconut butter, palm sugar, fresh seasonal fruit served frozen or at room temperature. The filling is more nutty than cheesy with a distinct cashew taste. A cacao, walnut and date base has a great texture and guilt free deliciousity!  (Dairy Free Cheesecake IDR 46,000)

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Dairy Free Cheesecake
Michele spoils us at her new ice-cream bar with Gaya Gelato. Gaya is famous in Ubud for being the best Italian ice cream that people drive miles for. Using only seasonal fruits, no artificial ingredients and with a choice of gluten free or dairy free cones, it promises to be something special. Having gorged on gelato in the streets of Italy, I am eager to have a taste, and taste we do, being forced to try every flavour before settling on our choices. I hate this job!

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Gaya Gelato
As usual I love it all but settle on a classic favourite; the vanilla is too good and fresh to ignore, and the chocolate deeply chocolatey. Monica sticks to her nuttiness with a hazelnut choice. It is great sticky textured ice cream, stop for a cone on a hot day as you walk down the street. You’ll be happy that you did. (Gaya Gelato: One scoop IDR 20,000; Two scoops IDR 35,000; Three scoops IDR 46,000)

Atman Cafe, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Atman Chill - a quick stop for a cooling gelato
Atman Café opens at 7 am for breakfast. We are heartbroken not to be able to return to try some of the delicious sounding options on the menu, including vegan and dairy free specials, but mostly, the raw porridge. Mmmm!

Reasons to visit: fresh organic and simply tasty food, relaxing atmosphere, fabulous juices and ice-cream

Atman Cafe
38 Jalan Hanoman
Ubud, Indonesia
+ 0361 8620505
Opening hours 7 am – 10:30 pm

Thursday, 27 June 2013

CasCades Restaurant, Best Breakfast in Ubud, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, Indonesia

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud,
Local Fruit Salad
best breakfasts Ubud, Viceroy Bali
CasCades Restaurant

Breakfast at CasCades Restaurant, Viceroy Bali

Words by Kirsten Durward
Photos by The Yum List

Breakfast at Cascades is something special and worth visiting even if you are not a Viceroy resident.  The freshness of the air by the river, the splendid natural surroundings, bursting with green and vibrant flowers, the gentle greeting and service of the delightful restaurant staff is bound to set your day off to a sterling start. The beauty of the surroundings aside, the breakfast menu is uniquely tempting.  Eschewing buffet style, they serve an a la carte menu with tempting combinations, both traditional and unique abound with flair. Readers may be aghast at the amount of food mentioned for two people’s breakfast here, but I urge you to remember this was two morning's work!

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Cascades Restaurant, Viceroy, Ubud
Day One

We select black coffee and lemon and ginger tea from the list of hot offerings and freshly pressed pineapple juice from the cold. The milk for the coffee is fluffy and the ginger tea refreshing to kick off the day. Who can be on a tropical island and not take a fruit platter? This one is prettily presented, with a delicately prepared selection of seasonal fruit, including Monica’s favourite, mangosteen.

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Tropical Fruit Platter

We’ve been recommended to try the Mango Trifle, a house speciality. So glad that we did. A fluffy light cloud of yoghurt that appears to have been whipped, is threaded with a fresh mango puree and topped with soft oatmeal. This is a definite must have. We always share our dishes but this one is so good, half is not enough so I order a second, which arrives without a blink. It’s a healthy dessert for breakfast and it is absolutely delicious. 

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Mango Trifle

Another original house speciality that Chef is very proud of is Balinese Eggs Benedict. Eggs Benedict being one of my favourites, I am eager to see what the Balinese style has to offer. Glowing with colour and tempting to the fork, two generous helpings are presented on the plate. In place of bread is a herbed vegetable rice cake, which we both agree is better than bread and a humourous twist on the Indonesian use of egg on rice, Nasi Goreng Kampong. Egg is luscious, rice cake firm and flavoursome, Balinese spiced hollandaise - delectable, and a special treat is asparagus hidden beneath the sauce. Not ones to spare our treats, we have added a side of smoked salmon, which is good quality wild salmon and not too salty. Dried Javanese beef... so sweet and delicious we thought it was dried fruit.

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Balinese Eggs Benedict

Our second egg dish is a French style Camembert Omelette with a side of crispy bacon. Yes bacon is available on the menu, and crispy it is indeed. A perfect complement to the light omelette delicately infused with just a whisper of camembert. A delightful finish and we look forward to the next day’s opening treats.

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
French Omelette

Day Two  

Today my tea is Orchid Oolong, fragrant, with a vanilla-like caramel aroma; very refined and elegant. The vibrant colours of the juices wake up our eyes in the misty morning. Beetroot and apple is sweeter, almost berryish yet just slightly astringent. Carrot and ginger juice is a complete zingy refresher! Eyes open and ready for the day.

best breakfast Ubud
Orchid Oolong Tea with a view

First to arrive are Citrus Pancakes, soft orange zest infused crepes filled with banana and caramelized strawberry. It’s served with a dense and vibrant berry compote and a light and fluffy cream. We both agree that it’s a decadent dessert-like brekkie.  

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, best breakfasts in Ubud
Citrus Pancakes

Monica has also ordered a healthful option, which is a delightful mix of toasted muesli with nuts, fruit coconut and more of yesterday’s delicious whipped yoghurt.

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, best breakfasts in Ubud
Oats and Yoghurt

The house twist on smoked salmon scrambled eggs, is served in a fine leaved pastry shell with the salmon topped with chives and pickled ginger. It’s a wonderful loose dish with the egg cooked the way I like it, just a little oozy. 

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, best breakfasts in Ubud
Salmon Scramble

Our vegetable frittata is denser than yesterday’s French style omelette, herby and with plenty of veg.  Caramelised tomatoes, zucchinis and majoram complete the dish, though I couldn’t resist another side of smoked salmon. Yes I know, Opulent! 

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud,
Vegetable Frittata

As there are three pastry chefs on site and we are assured that all pastries are made in a cold room, we agree that the pastry basket is a must try. Buttery croissant, just perfect with the locally made organic guava jam, a thickly filled pain au chocolat, an almond pastry with toasty almonds and cinnamon, so moist it just melts in your mouth and tiny petite muffin, with pineapple coconut and citrus zest. I promised you, we only nibbled on each one. Decadent!

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud,
Pastry Basket
Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, best breakfasts in Ubud
Homemade Organic Jams

We thought we were done but the manager insists we are trying the pancakes with maple syrup, so we concede. No lunch for me today then! Pancakes are served with cream and choice of maple syrup, palm sugar syrup chocolate sauce or seasonal fruit coulis. They are delightful, American style pancakes, raised and fluffy.

Cascades Restaurant, Breakfast, Viceroy Bali, Ubud, best breakfasts in Ubud
Pancakes and Iced Coffee

I finish with coffee over ice – delightful!

Reason to visit: Deliciously Decadent. Splendid Setting, Courteous Service, Original and Traditional Breakfast options served A La Carte.  

CasCades Restaurant
Viceroy Bali
Jln. Lanyahan, Br Nagi, 
Ubud, Bali 
80571 Indonesia
+62 361 971 777

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