Thursday, 31 January 2013

Doraku Japanese, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Japanese restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Doraku Japanese Restaurant

by Lisa Mangelsdorf

Kuala Lumpur certainly has no shortage of fine sushi restaurants but Doraku presents a unique and refreshing twist to traditional Japanese cuisine with subtle hints of Latin American and SE Asian flavors.
Japanese, Kuala Lumpur

Executive Chef Yutaro Tsuchiya, once mentored by Japanese Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, selects from only the finest ingredients and freshest herbs to ensure the highest quality of flavors in each hand crafted dish.  He brings familiar dishes to life with creative, subtle and complimentary flavors such as green chili, mango salsa and garlic aioli.

Conveniently located in the Life Centre on Jln. Sultan Ismail, Doraku offers an elegant indoor and outdoor dining setting complimented by warm dark wood furniture and floors for an intimate dining atmosphere. Attention to small details from Japanese lanterns blowing in the open windows to traditional earthenware for spices and sake complete the  eastern ambiance.

Before indulging on the "Valentine" Set meal we decided to have a sampling of a few the many fusion cocktails from the extensive bar menu.  These included...

Sake Sangria – Much like its Latin cousin but with a distinct after taste of Sake.

Asian Mojito – A creative refreshing version of an old favorite!  The Shiso leaf gives this a distinctive Japanese flavor.

Ume Margarita – My favorite!  A whole plum pit is at the bottom of the glass letting you know exactly what to expect.  The sweetness of the Japanese plum is the perfect balance to the tangy fresh lime and Sauza Gold.

Hot and Cold Sake – Hand selected to suit your taste, both were the perfect companions to the variety of dishes tasted.

The plentiful seven course Valentine set meal was a delightful variety of hot and cold dishes, each with it's own special flavour or certain "je ne sais quoi?"

Japanese, Kuala Lumpur
Salmon Carpaccio - 28 RM
Melt in your mouth delicacy. The salmon carpaccio floats lightly in a gentle ginger sauce and topped with the perfect amount of Tobiko for a beautiful burst of color. 

Doraku Japanese, Kuala Lumpur
Spicy Garlic Shrimp - 32 RM 

This lightly fried and mildly spicy dish has a lot going on, including a fresh bed of spring salad and tempura onions.  These came in very handy for soaking up the wonderful soy and garlic aioli at the end!

Emperor Roll - 38 RM 

This riceless roll was a favorite at the table. Tuna, crab, shrimp, scallop and avocado all rolled up tight in nori and Panko the flash fried for an extra crunch.  Very unique

Doraku Japanese, Kuala Lumpur

Lover’s Roll – A special roll created for the Valentine set!

Tuna Sashimi wrapped "lovingly" around the rice and mild salsa in a sweet heart shape.

Doraku Japanese, Kuala Lumpur
God of Fire - 33 RM 

Sushi roll with a Malaysian kick!  The little green chili tucked inside this spicy tuna roll looks innocent but got us all right at the end. The perfect Malay twists to a classic sushi. 

Doraku Japanese, Kuala Lumpur
Eggplant Miso 

Delicate eggplant deep fried to an almost creamy texture with served with a light but sweet miso glaze.  

Doraku Japanese, Kuala Lumpur
Tempura Brownie  

The name says it all… or so I thought. Much better than anyone could have imagined.  The brownie was so moist it was almost like a molten lava cake. The light tempura batter gave just a hint of savory to compliment the sweet. A must have!
Macha Ice Cream 9RM

Not part of the Valentine set but we had to try – glad we did!  Rich, creamy homemade ice cream that finishes with the perfectly bitter Macha.  A perfect Green Tea finish to a perfect meal!

Reasons to Visit: lovely interior and outdoor seating, delicious fusion cocktails and food, friendly staff and good value for money.

Doraku Sushi and Sake Bar
Mezzanine Floor, Life Centre
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2181 4828